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 * next generation[tm] xawtv capture interfaces
 * (c) 2001-03 Gerd Knorr <kraxel@bytesex.org>

#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

#include "devices.h"
#include "list.h"

extern int  ng_debug;
extern int  ng_chromakey;
extern int  ng_jpeg_quality;
extern int  ng_ratio_x;
extern int  ng_ratio_y;
extern char ng_v4l_conf[256];

#define BUG_ON(condition,message)   if (condition) {\
      fprintf(stderr,"BUG: %s [%s:%d]\n",\

#if __STDC_VERSION__ < 199901
# define restrict
# define bool int

#define UNSET          (-1U)
#define DIMOF(array)   (sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]))
#define SDIMOF(array)  ((signed int)(sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0])))
#define GETELEM(array,index,default) \
      (index < sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]) ? array[index] : default)

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* defines                                                               */

#define VIDEO_NONE           0
#define VIDEO_RGB08          1  /* bt848 dithered */
#define VIDEO_GRAY           2
#define VIDEO_RGB15_LE       3  /* 15 bpp little endian */
#define VIDEO_RGB16_LE       4  /* 16 bpp little endian */
#define VIDEO_RGB15_BE       5  /* 15 bpp big endian */
#define VIDEO_RGB16_BE       6  /* 16 bpp big endian */
#define VIDEO_BGR24          7  /* bgrbgrbgrbgr (LE) */
#define VIDEO_BGR32          8  /* bgr-bgr-bgr- (LE) */
#define VIDEO_RGB24          9  /* rgbrgbrgbrgb (BE) */
#define VIDEO_RGB32         10  /* -rgb-rgb-rgb (BE) */
#define VIDEO_LUT2          11  /* lookup-table 2 byte depth */
#define VIDEO_LUT4          12  /* lookup-table 4 byte depth */
#define VIDEO_YUYV          13  /* 4:2:2 */
#define VIDEO_YUV422P       14  /* YUV 4:2:2 (planar) */
#define VIDEO_YUV420P       15  /* YUV 4:2:0 (planar) */
#define VIDEO_MJPEG         16  /* MJPEG (AVI) */
#define VIDEO_JPEG          17  /* JPEG (JFIF) */
#define VIDEO_UYVY          18  /* 4:2:2 */
#define VIDEO_FMT_COUNT     19

#define AUDIO_NONE           0
#define AUDIO_U8_MONO        1
#define AUDIO_U8_STEREO      2
#define AUDIO_S16_LE_MONO    3
#define AUDIO_S16_LE_STEREO  4
#define AUDIO_S16_BE_MONO    5
#define AUDIO_S16_BE_STEREO  6
#define AUDIO_MP3            7
#define AUDIO_FMT_COUNT      8


#define ATTR_TYPE_INTEGER    1   /*  range 0 - 65535  */
#define ATTR_TYPE_CHOICE     2   /*  multiple choice  */
#define ATTR_TYPE_BOOL       3   /*  yes/no           */

#define ATTR_ID_NORM         1
#define ATTR_ID_INPUT        2
#define ATTR_ID_VOLUME       3
#define ATTR_ID_MUTE         4
#define ATTR_ID_AUDIO_MODE   5
#define ATTR_ID_COLOR        6
#define ATTR_ID_BRIGHT       7
#define ATTR_ID_HUE          8
#define ATTR_ID_CONTRAST     9
#define ATTR_ID_COUNT       10

#define CAN_OVERLAY          1
#define CAN_CAPTURE          2
#define CAN_TUNE             4
#define NEEDS_CHROMAKEY      8

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

extern const unsigned int   ng_vfmt_to_depth[VIDEO_FMT_COUNT];
extern const char*          ng_vfmt_to_desc[VIDEO_FMT_COUNT];

extern const unsigned int   ng_afmt_to_channels[AUDIO_FMT_COUNT];
extern const unsigned int   ng_afmt_to_bits[AUDIO_FMT_COUNT];
extern const char*          ng_afmt_to_desc[AUDIO_FMT_COUNT];

extern const char*          ng_attr_to_desc[ATTR_ID_COUNT];

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

struct STRTAB {
    long nr;
    const char *str;

    int x1,x2,y1,y2;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* video data structures                                                 */

struct ng_video_fmt {
    unsigned int   fmtid;         /* VIDEO_* */
    unsigned int   width;
    unsigned int   height;
    unsigned int   bytesperline;  /* zero for compressed formats */

struct ng_video_buf {
    struct ng_video_fmt  fmt;
    size_t               size;
    unsigned char        *data;

    /* meta info for frame */
    struct {
      int64_t          ts;      /* time stamp */
      int              seq;
      int              twice;
    } info;

     * the lock is for the reference counter.
     * if the reference counter goes down to zero release()
     * should be called.  priv is for the owner of the
     * buffer (can be used by the release callback)
    pthread_mutex_t      lock;
    pthread_cond_t       cond;
    int                  refcount;
    void                 (*release)(struct ng_video_buf *buf);
    void                 *priv;

void ng_init_video_buf(struct ng_video_buf *buf);
void ng_release_video_buf(struct ng_video_buf *buf);
struct ng_video_buf* ng_malloc_video_buf(struct ng_video_fmt *fmt,
                               int size);
void ng_wakeup_video_buf(struct ng_video_buf *buf);
void ng_waiton_video_buf(struct ng_video_buf *buf);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* audio data structures                                                 */

struct ng_audio_fmt {
    unsigned int   fmtid;         /* AUDIO_* */
    unsigned int   rate;

struct ng_audio_buf {
    struct ng_audio_fmt  fmt;
    int                  size;
    int                  written; /* for partial writes */
    char                 *data;

    struct {
      int64_t          ts;
    } info;

struct ng_audio_buf* ng_malloc_audio_buf(struct ng_audio_fmt *fmt,
                               int size);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* someone who receives video and/or audio data (writeavi, ...)          */

struct ng_format_list {
    char           *name;
    char           *desc;  /* if standard fmtid description doesn't work
                        because it's converted somehow */
    char           *ext;
    unsigned int   fmtid;
    void           *priv;

struct ng_writer {
    const char *name;
    const char *desc;
    const struct ng_format_list *video;
    const struct ng_format_list *audio;
    const int combined; /* both audio + video in one file */

    void* (*wr_open)(char *moviename, char *audioname,
                 struct ng_video_fmt *video, const void *priv_video, int fps,
                 struct ng_audio_fmt *audio, const void *priv_audio);
    int (*wr_video)(void *handle, struct ng_video_buf *buf);
    int (*wr_audio)(void *handle, struct ng_audio_buf *buf);
    int (*wr_close)(void *handle);

    struct list_head list;

struct ng_reader {
    const char *name;
    const char *desc;

    char  *magic[4];
    int   moff[4];
    int   mlen[4];

    void* (*rd_open)(char *moviename);
    struct ng_video_fmt* (*rd_vfmt)(void *handle, int *vfmt, int vn);
    struct ng_audio_fmt* (*rd_afmt)(void *handle);
    struct ng_video_buf* (*rd_vdata)(void *handle, unsigned int drop);
    struct ng_audio_buf* (*rd_adata)(void *handle);
    int64_t (*frame_time)(void *handle);
    int (*rd_close)(void *handle);

    struct list_head list;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* attributes                                                            */

struct ng_attribute {
    int                  id;
    const char           *name;
    int                  type;
    int                  defval;
    struct STRTAB        *choices;    /* ATTR_TYPE_CHOICE  */
    int                  min,max;     /* ATTR_TYPE_INTEGER */
    int                  points;      /* ATTR_TYPE_INTEGER -- fixed point */
    const void           *priv;
    void                 *handle;
    int         (*read)(struct ng_attribute*);
    void        (*write)(struct ng_attribute*, int val);

struct ng_attribute* ng_attr_byid(struct ng_attribute *attrs, int id);
struct ng_attribute* ng_attr_byname(struct ng_attribute *attrs, char *name);
const char* ng_attr_getstr(struct ng_attribute *attr, int value);
int ng_attr_getint(struct ng_attribute *attr, char *value);
void ng_attr_listchoices(struct ng_attribute *attr);
int ng_attr_int2percent(struct ng_attribute *attr, int value);
int ng_attr_percent2int(struct ng_attribute *attr, int percent);
int ng_attr_parse_int(struct ng_attribute *attr, char *str);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

void ng_ratio_fixup(int *width, int *height, int *xoff, int *yoff);
void ng_ratio_fixup2(int *width, int *height, int *xoff, int *yoff,
                 int ratio_x, int ratio_y, int up);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* device informations                                                   */

struct ng_devinfo {
    char  device[32];
    char  name[64];
    int   flags;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* capture/overlay interface driver                                      */

struct ng_vid_driver {
    const char *name;

    /* open/close */
    void*  (*open)(char *device);
    int    (*close)(void *handle);

    /* attributes */
    char* (*get_devname)(void *handle);
    int   (*capabilities)(void *handle);
    struct ng_attribute* (*list_attrs)(void *handle);
    /* overlay */
    int   (*setupfb)(void *handle, struct ng_video_fmt *fmt, void *base);
    int   (*overlay)(void *handle, struct ng_video_fmt *fmt, int x, int y,
                 struct OVERLAY_CLIP *oc, int count, int aspect);
    /* capture */
    int   (*setformat)(void *handle, struct ng_video_fmt *fmt);
    int   (*startvideo)(void *handle, int fps, unsigned int buffers);
    void  (*stopvideo)(void *handle);
    struct ng_video_buf* (*nextframe)(void *handle); /* video frame */
    struct ng_video_buf* (*getimage)(void *handle);  /* single image */

    /* tuner */
    unsigned long (*getfreq)(void *handle);
    void  (*setfreq)(void *handle, unsigned long freq);
    int   (*is_tuned)(void *handle);

    struct list_head list;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* sound driver                                                          */

struct ng_dsp_driver {
    const char            *name;
    void*                 (*open)(char *device, struct ng_audio_fmt *fmt,
                          int record);
    void                  (*close)(void *handle);
    int                   (*fd)(void *handle);
    int                   (*startrec)(void *handle);
    struct ng_audio_buf*  (*read)(void *handle, int64_t stopby);
    struct ng_audio_buf*  (*write)(void *handle, struct ng_audio_buf *buf);
    int64_t               (*latency)(void *handle);

    struct list_head      list;

struct ng_mix_driver {
    const char            *name;
    struct ng_devinfo*    (*probe)(void);
    struct ng_devinfo*    (*channels)(char *device);
    void*                 (*open)(char *device);
    struct ng_attribute*  (*volctl)(void *handle, char *channel);
    void                  (*close)(void *handle);

    struct list_head      list;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* color space converters                                                */

struct ng_video_conv {
    unsigned int          fmtid_in;
    unsigned int          fmtid_out;
    void*                 (*init)(struct ng_video_fmt *out,
                          void *priv);
    void                  (*frame)(void *handle,
                           struct ng_video_buf *out,
                           struct ng_video_buf *in);
    void                  (*fini)(void *handle);
    void                  *priv;

    struct list_head      list;

struct ng_convert_handle {
    struct ng_video_fmt     ifmt;
    struct ng_video_fmt     ofmt;
    int                     isize;
    int                     osize;
    struct ng_video_conv    *conv;
    void                    *chandle;

struct ng_convert_handle* ng_convert_alloc(struct ng_video_conv *conv,
                                 struct ng_video_fmt *i,
                                 struct ng_video_fmt *o);
void ng_convert_init(struct ng_convert_handle *h);
struct ng_video_buf* ng_convert_frame(struct ng_convert_handle *h,
                              struct ng_video_buf *dest,
                              struct ng_video_buf *buf);
void ng_convert_fini(struct ng_convert_handle *h);
struct ng_video_buf* ng_convert_single(struct ng_convert_handle *h,
                               struct ng_video_buf *in);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* audio converters                                                      */

struct ng_audio_conv {
    unsigned int          fmtid_in;
    unsigned int          fmtid_out;
    void*                 (*init)(void *priv);
    struct ng_audio_buf*  (*frame)(void *handle,
                           struct ng_audio_buf *in);
    void                  (*fini)(void *handle);
    void                  *priv;

    struct list_head      list;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* filters                                                               */

struct ng_filter {
    char                  *name;
    int                   fmts;
    struct ng_attribute*  attrs;
    void*                 (*init)(struct ng_video_fmt *fmt);
    struct ng_video_buf*  (*frame)(void *handle,
                           struct ng_video_buf *in);
    void                  (*fini)(void *handle);

    struct list_head      list;

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

/* must be changed if we break compatibility */
#define NG_PLUGIN_MAGIC 0x20030129

extern struct list_head ng_conv;
extern struct list_head ng_aconv;
extern struct list_head ng_filters;
extern struct list_head ng_writers;
extern struct list_head ng_readers;
extern struct list_head ng_vid_drivers;
extern struct list_head ng_dsp_drivers;
extern struct list_head ng_mix_drivers;

int ng_conv_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                 struct ng_video_conv *list, int count);
int ng_aconv_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                  struct ng_audio_conv *list, int count);
int ng_filter_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                   struct ng_filter *filter);
int ng_writer_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                   struct ng_writer *writer);
int ng_reader_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                   struct ng_reader *reader);
int ng_vid_driver_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                     struct ng_vid_driver *driver);
int ng_dsp_driver_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                     struct ng_dsp_driver *driver);
int ng_mix_driver_register(int magic, char *plugname,
                     struct ng_mix_driver *driver);

struct ng_video_conv* ng_conv_find_to(unsigned int out, int *i);
struct ng_video_conv* ng_conv_find_from(unsigned int out, int *i);
struct ng_video_conv* ng_conv_find_match(unsigned int in, unsigned int out);

const struct ng_vid_driver* ng_vid_open(char *device, char *driver,
                              struct ng_video_fmt *screen,
                              void *base, void **handle);
const struct ng_dsp_driver* ng_dsp_open(char *device, struct ng_audio_fmt *fmt,
                              int record, void **handle);
struct ng_attribute* ng_mix_init(char *device, char *channel);
struct ng_reader* ng_find_reader(char *filename);

int64_t ng_tofday_to_timestamp(struct timeval *tv);
int64_t ng_get_timestamp(void);
void ng_check_clipping(int width, int height, int xadjust, int yadjust,
                   struct OVERLAY_CLIP *oc, int *count);
struct ng_video_buf* ng_filter_single(struct ng_filter *filter,
                              struct ng_video_buf *in);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */

void ng_init(void);
void ng_lut_init(unsigned long red_mask, unsigned long green_mask,
             unsigned long blue_mask, unsigned int fmtid, int swap);

void ng_rgb24_to_lut2(unsigned char *dest, unsigned char *src, int p);
void ng_rgb24_to_lut4(unsigned char *dest, unsigned char *src, int p);

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* internal stuff starts here                                            */


/* init functions */
void ng_color_packed_init(void);
void ng_color_yuv2rgb_init(void);
void ng_writefile_init(void);

/* for yuv2rgb using lookup tables (color_lut.c, color_yuv2rgb.c) */
unsigned long   ng_lut_red[256];
unsigned long   ng_lut_green[256];
unsigned long   ng_lut_blue[256];
void ng_yuv422_to_lut2(unsigned char *dest, unsigned char *s, int p);
void ng_yuv422_to_lut4(unsigned char *dest, unsigned char *s, int p);
void ng_yuv420p_to_lut2(void *h, struct ng_video_buf *out,
                  struct ng_video_buf *in);
void ng_yuv420p_to_lut4(void *h, struct ng_video_buf *out,
                  struct ng_video_buf *in);
void ng_yuv422p_to_lut2(void *h, struct ng_video_buf *out,
                  struct ng_video_buf *in);
void ng_yuv422p_to_lut4(void *h, struct ng_video_buf *out,
                  struct ng_video_buf *in);

/* color_common.c stuff */
void* ng_packed_init(struct ng_video_fmt *out, void *priv);
void  ng_packed_frame(void *handle, struct ng_video_buf *out,
                  struct ng_video_buf *in);
void* ng_conv_nop_init(struct ng_video_fmt *out, void *priv);
void  ng_conv_nop_fini(void *handle);

#define NG_GENERIC_PACKED                 \
      init:           ng_packed_init,           \
      frame:          ng_packed_frame,          \
      fini:           ng_conv_nop_fini

#endif /* NG_PRIVATE */

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
 * Local variables:
 * compile-command: "(cd ..; make)"
 * End:

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